Chaos Game

Video and sound installation, 34min. 2017
Phot. Jed Niezgoda

Chaos Game was created using time lapse recordings of condensation and frost formation on the surface of a custom made refrigeration system. The sequence starts with abstracted matter appearing on a white background and undergoing cycles of transformation from liquid state to solid and back to liquidity. Each subsequent cycle of freezing and melting generates a unique and unpredictable growth pattern. The visual sequence is accompanied by the sounds derived from experimentation with various man made and organic sources: boiler, refrigeration system, sink and rain.

Viewed on a large scale, Chaos Game creates an immersive environment and causes multiple associations: from living cells or microorganisms to abstract drawings of an artist. The work aims to convey a process of growth and change and invites the viewer to reflect on the notions of chaos, time, impermanence and transformation.

Installation view, Between Something and Nothing, TACTIC at St Luke’s, Cork 2018