Artist Statement

My current body of work stems from my interest in modern science and philosophy and represents an intuitive response to concepts of time, matter, chaos and transformation.  Working with elemental materials and using a broad range of techniques, I explore the poetic possibilities of the fluid and constantly shifting state of things.

As I attempt to convey the elusive nature of reality, I investigate materials and effects that have a problematic or hesitant quality: ice (frost), water, air, light and foam. Transient organic matter is framed and contrasted by structures made out of rigid materials like metal and plastic. I use  repurposed industrial mechanisms, such as refrigeration and compression units, to activate the work initiating processes of growth and change.

There is always a limit to my ability to control the ephemeral matter and so the work evolves in an unpredictable way and according to its own inner laws. My aim is to find beauty in ambiguity and perpetual transformation, creating opportunities for reflection.